The Zitheka Monthly is a newsletter aimed at identifying pertinent matters facing the youth of Malawi today, engaging in constructive dialogue and charting a sustainable direction for all Malawians globally.

We are built as an open community. This means that the readers of the newsletter are also the content providers of the newsletter. We publish what you care about enough to share with us. We are very accessible and offer no hindrances to putting your work out for the world to see on condition that:

  1. The content is ethical, coherent, balanced and credible; and
  2. The content poses no threat to any members of society.

Beyond the aesthetics, we literary have no structure nor structures. This is a labour of love in which we forego any personal economic interest. We will invest all advertising revenues in technology & content. We intend to be a world class publication built on the values of harmony, free expression and collaboration.

We publish under the spirit of #malotoathu